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by Amy Hoy & Alex Hillman

“What if I launch...
and nobody buys?”

Most of us, when we begin, begin at the beginning: with the most obvious ingredient, the product. This feels natural and straightforward.

And it is the natural and straightforward way to fail, because it makes it so easy to end up with a product that nobody wants to buy.

That's every new entrepreneur's worst nightmare: All that work, and nobody cares. Failure. Not even dramatic failure — a flop, a fizzle.

A product that nobody wants to buy.

Let's pause that horror scenario for a moment and consider the alternative:

What if you knew you could launch to instant sales?

You could stop cringing, "But I'm not an expert…" because you'd know exactly how to help people.

You could stop worrying, “Will anyone want this?” because you'd know they do.

You could stop wondering, "What if they don't like it?" because you made it just for them.

You could kick your fears to the curb and get shit done.

If you knew exactly what your customers want, you could simply give it to them.

You could launch your new product to an excited list of people who trust you, who pay for things, who want what you have to offer.

You could make sales your very first day.

You might even hear the magic words: “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”

You could revel in that magical feeling that only comes when you round-house kick your fears in the face and watch 'em run away, sobbing for mommy.

Plus, money. And helping people. And recognition. Those things are also great!

Best of all: Once you did it once, you could do it again and again.

It sounds like magic, doesn't it?

Well, that's because it is magic.

The life-changing magic of beginning at the end

Think about it: When you begin at the beginning, you start off by making something, and hoping someone will want it. But the goal of a business isn't just to make things. Alone, as the last person on earth, you could make things.

But you couldn't sell things… unless you have other people.


Customers are the pivotal ingredient in success. The one thing you cannot succeed without.

So, if you want to launch to instant sales, start with the customer.

Figure out what they need. And what they want. And what they're willing to buy — to pay for, to read, to use, to share, to recommend.

Then figure out a way you — yes, you! — can give it to them.

When you learn what your would-be customers need, want, and are willing to buy (read, share, use, recommend), you also learn…

When you start with the customer, everything becomes clear.

You can make a plan, execute that plan, get shit done, build your list, build that product — that thing they need, want, and are ready to buy, and launch it…

To instant sales!

All that energy you would have otherwise poured into fretting, freaking out, thrashing — you can use it to kick ass, instead.

Learn how to start with your customer — without putting on pants

When you enroll in our class, 30x500, that's exactly what you'll do:

The systems, techniques, and processes you'll learn in this class have been developed over 6 years, hundreds of students, and close to $8 million in total student earnings from launches big and small.

Yes, process — the least sexy word in the world — can be magic. The right process will help you conquer your fears, get out of your own way, and get shit done. The map will show you where to go, when, and most importantly, how! Instead of flailing around trying random things, you'll be able to follow a clear path (and, with our active alumni community, you won't be on that path alone).

You’ll learn all this and more in 30x500

You'll learn how to do all these things (and more!) with over 100 lessons: 50+ video lessons, 20 step-by-step exercises, 15 step-by-step tutorials, and 9 self-study guides, plus semi-monthly live events (free to alums!) like teardowns and challenges.

Go at your own pace — intense or leisurely. Learn, practice, and execute from anywhere. 30x500 Academy is 100% asynchronous and the lessons will be there whenever you need and want them.

Again: It's all at your pace, on your schedule. (Even our events are recorded!)

Want a killer head start? You can get it all in 30x500.

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Here's exactly what you'll learn…

See everything that's included

Our entire curriculum is designed is to help you get positively addicted to success, one tiny win at a time. Everything in 30x500 is carefully edited and ordered to give you results as fast as the laws of physics allow.

And we've ruthlessly cut everything that might stand in your way: info overload, background theory, you name it.

30×500 is designed to give you little wins from the very first hour.

Part 1: Read Their Minds

Very first thing: Find your audience and read their minds… stat!

No customer = no product. Customers come first. So in Part 1 of 30×500 Academy, you'll start building your customer base right away.

You'll jump right into Safari. Fact: You're already surrounded by solid gold market research, and now you'll finally learn to see it. You'll become a quick study at spotting pain points… pain points you can start addressing within the very first hour.

At the end of Read Their Minds, here's what you'll be able to:

…and you'll know how to do it, because you'll have done it.

You'll also learn:

Killer. You'll be stacking up the little wins left and right.

Now it's time to go for the bigger wins, and ship your product to paying customers.

Full Read Their Minds Syllabus
“Total revenue to date: $36,206.90. I literally hadn't sold a single product in my entire life … only 4 months ago. Have I told you THANK YOU for 30×500 lately?”
Rob Williams, Workshop & Emails that Win Clients (case study)

Part 2: Build the Business

Your audience is growing. They're loving your Ebombs. They're signing up for your mailing list. Awesome! Go you!

Now it's time for Part 2: Build the Business.

You'll learn to analyze more complex, nuanced pain in your audience...spotting the less-obvious, even the downright hidden. You'll learn about the words, worldviews and beliefs that repel… or attract. You'll master Safari ne plus ultra.

And the reason for this is… well, you're gearing up to design a product and ask for money. The stakes are higher. The level of detail needs to be higher, too.

At the end of Build the Business, you'll be able to do:

And every element—what type of product? what will it look and feel like? what type of approach? what format will the launch content be? —will be tuned to your audience.

"Why not put all this stuff in Step 1?" you might be asking.

Simple: You don't need this stuff to start racking up little wins, readers, and subscribers. Until you've got a growing readership, list, and big ol' pile of Safari data, it's a distraction from doing. And we're all about getting you doing and winning ASAP.

And once you experience how the “boring” Sales Safari gives you mind-reading superpowers, you'll never again revert to “great idea” spray & pray. You'll never again waste time building something nobody wants.

Full Build the Biz Syllabus

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