Designers, developers, writers, creatives — read closely, because this is an opportunity to dramatically change your life!

Did you get into this field to create… or to be somebody's bitch?

Here is a fundamental fact about your creative career:

Stakeholders blow.

Whether you work a day job, freelance, or consult… it doesn't matter. Somebody Else has to pick you. You have to hope that Somebody Else will give you juicy stuff to work on, stuff you can believe in. And that Somebody Else? They're not capable of doing your job, but they are in the position to mess with — or even destroy — your work at any time. (Or rip you away from work you believe in.)

Your output is in Somebody Else's hands.

Your potential is under Somebody Else's control.

Your growth and development is dictated — or at least limited — by Somebody Else.

And your money? Yeah. Your money, too.

Yes, absolutely, there are things you can do to attract better Somebody Elses, climb the ladder, work the system — but it's still the same system.

At best, you will work an hour and get paid for an hour. Your work may live on. Hell, your work may churn out profits for years.

But the person who profits off it won't be you.

It'll be our old friend, Somebody Else.

Sucks, right? But that's the system.

Fuck the system.

That's what I said to myself in 2008, after a decade in that very system. Freelancing, jobs, high-dollar consulting — I did it all, and it all sucked. Even when I was making bank. I joked about charging bad clients the The Asshole Tax… but the bitterness of the joke was on me, because even when the client was great, it felt like I was the one paying. With my life.

I was sick to death of Somebody Else.

So in February 2008, I said to myself, Fuck This! I'm gonna make and sell products.”

I saw other people doing it — running a bootstrapped SaaS business here, or a training business there.

I asked myself, Why not me?

So, I researched. I read. I strategized. I screamed. I designed. I planned. I didn't start from scratch; I took every little thing I'd ever learned as a consultant and I juiced the daylights out of it.

And I executed. In May, I drew up plans. In July, I started building. I wrote a pitch and collected email addresses. And in December, we launched.

In 2008, I made exactly $0 in product revenue. We billed our first trials in January of 2009.

In 2009, I busted ass, and we made it to $85,000 in product revenue. It wasn't enough to quit consulting that year, but you know what? It was the sweetest money I ever made.

I declared 2010 to be my Year of Hustle. I would not accept defeat; one way or another, I was never going to consult again.

By the end of 2010, I'd worked us up to $240,000 in a year. Goodbye, consulting. Goodbye, Somebody Else. Forever.

I fucking made it.

Today, I'm the proud owner of a million-dollar business. In 2015, we grossed $1,055,000 — in a single year. That's a huge number. Huge!

But I started at $0.

And for the first two years, I did it all on the side.

It was hard work. I'm not gonna lie… the early side hustle wasn't all sunshine and rainbows.

But I fucking made it. And I reap the rewards of that work all over again every single day.

That hustle was the smartest thing I ever did.

Two years from now… do you want to look back and say, "That was the smartest thing I ever did"?

Are you ready to say, “Fuck the system”?

Are you ready to wrest control of your creative, intellectual, and financial future from Somebody Else?

Are you ready to make the time and keep hustling til you're living the life you want?

Are you ready to declare 2016 your Year of Hustle?

Yeah? Hell yeah!

You've got your table stakes. That's your part. I'm here to help you with the rest — the research, the planning, the implementation, the audience-building, the product design, the marketing, the launching, the sales.

My class, 30x500, will teach you how to turn your fire — and your skills — into a product business that will grow with you for 8+ years… just like mine.

(Only better, because you'll learn exactly what worked… and what didn't.)

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